Our Values


For Portan the client is our first priority and our reason for being here and encourages us every day to give our best service. Our dedication to service makes the difference and our greatest success is obtaining your satisfaction for the services received.

coordination copy

In Portan we value team work and understand that the coordination capacity of our staff is a sign of professional excellence and the ability to do things well from the very beginning.

creativity copy

In Portan we recognize creativity and innovation through the constant stimulation and motivation of our staff in order to promote and develop suggestions, improvements and new ideas and projects.

We encourage, at all times, a proactive attitude to anticipate and respond to the specific necessities of each client.

Trust is hard to be earned. Portan works hard day after day to reach this goal, client by client.

Portan understands that international moves signify transportation and manipulation of belongings and objects of much value, which means your home, intimacy and history.

We strive for excellence in providing responsible, professional and ethical service, thereby giving the clients the necessary trust and assurance that our team will always take very good care of their valuable belongings.

Portan owes our clients top quality service and this is reflected in:

  • Our Client satisfaction.
  • Timely attention, information and service.
  • Efficient use of resources, attention to surroundings and the environment.
  • A professional and well trained team.
  • A constant development in searching continuous improvement.
  • Consistency in all our processes.
  • Attention to details.